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Non-Stop Digital Flickerings;

2023. Artlab Gallery, London ON.

“Gnash the mesh that binds her. Quench the icy iron. Her mind is a matrix of non-stop digital flickerings.”1

I see my computer not as a tool for crea􀆟on but rather, as an extension of myself. I have never been separated from computer technology and the internet. I view my ar􀆟s􀆟c prac􀆟ce as a body of code, each piece of art or wri􀆟ng is a func􀆟on I’ve added, indicated by the semicolon a􀅌er each 􀆟tle of the artwork and pieces of wri􀆟ng I create. I am not searching for the defined but, rather, I am welcoming infinity, endlessness, or ‘void’. Non-Stop Digital Flickerings looks between the binaries, into the ‘void’, and explores the glitches which reside inside. ‘Void’ is the space found within the gaps of these coded structures. It is the in-between space. This space embraces those who fall into mul􀆟ple labels or iden􀆟􀆟es - those who are not white, those who are not cisgender, those who are not straight, those who are not men, those who feel restricted or suppressed by the social standards implemented long before their 􀆟me, those who want to free themselves from a binary way of thinking, and those who seek to live within the in-between.

Misha, “Wire Movement #9.” In Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk & Postmodern Science Fic􀆟on, Larry McCaffery, ed. (Durham: Duke University Press, 1991), 113.

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