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the cyborg series;

2023 - present. 3D Models/digital images/prints

The Cyborg Series is an ongoing project centered around the self-portrait cyborg personas or characters which repeatedly appear within my practice. Each cyborg character represents an experience, a fear, or an emotion. The themes range from death, gender, queerness, romance, to specific subsections of identity. Each cyborg resides within, and appear as, characters in the video animations I make, standing in as metaphor or symbols of their respective concepts or ideas. The cyborgs may not always be recognizable within the art I create. They may be distorted beyond recognition or may be present deep within the project files where they are only accessible to those who possess said file. These ‘void’ images are printed rather than projected in order to give these digital beings some form of physical body away from the computer body they normally possess, just as a digital photograph of oneself puts our bodies into a digital form, away from our physical one.

the original cyborg;

the original.png

the kiss;

the kis.png

the king;

the king.png

the roach

the roach.png

the lick;

the lick.png

the hole;

the hole.png

the choke;

the choke.png

def mirror (function);

pink grid 54x.jpg
green grid 54x.jpg
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