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the gl[eye]tch;

2022. Double-channel video/animation. 00:03:50 loop.

This two-channel video work puts viewers in between its two parts, turning the in-between space of both videos into ‘void’. As the cyborg heads pass from one video to the other, the viewer is put within the imaginary grid travelling across the gallery. If the viewer was in the same physical plane as the projected heads, they would disrupt the movement of said heads, causing the very specific movement of the heads to error. This video was made by randomly and sporadically cutting, copying, and pasting the assets and videos within the video timeline to create disorder and repetition. In doing so, the result was unpredictable and unknown until the final export. The videos play in reverse from each other, simulating the movement of a lid twisting from a jar – the lid rotates one direction, and the jar turns the opposite, eventually releasing to reveal access to the contents inside. The contents in this case, being the ‘void’ between them.

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