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{ Unexpected Occurrence;

2022. Satellite Gallery, London ON.

What is in the space between the 1s and 0s of a computer? { Unexpected Occurrence; navigates the line between the digital body and the real. Focusing heavily on the in-between spaces of ‘glitch’ (based on Legacy Russell’s Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto), this ‘body’ of art explores the body through a lens of queerness, deconstruction, blurred binaries, and the undefined. Working in digital mediums & renders, artist Sam Wagter seeks the unexcepted within the process of creation– errors, mistakes, and glitches avoided in our day-to-day become her guide. This exhibition explores the virtual bodies and identities tied to our physical ones. Alerting the viewer to these “unexpected occurrences” such as our computers would, she looks to draw attention to the undefined space, and invite others in. { Unexpected Occurrence; is not an error message to try to fix, but rather it is an invitation to explore in-between any and all defined spaces.

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