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untitled void

This piece which is currently nameless is a step into the inbetween spaces of both the binaries of a computer and the binaries of society. Looking to this between space as void, I begin to navigate and occupy this space of unknown and undefined. Using the human body, the computer body and a process based approach as my inspiration, I pose the question do we need to impose labels and definitions. Must we exist within the structure of the defines, or can we be okay with ambiguity,  abstraction and the unknown. Inspired by the sturcuture of AI/ deeplearning machines, where there are hidden layers of information. Used AI to generate the sound. Used an intuitive way of editing. Sounds of fireworks, birds, 8bit sound bites. I see the void as the metaphoirical and physical space which grows and houses these moments of glitch, of interruption in the code/system. It is another name for the inbetween space. Pushing the computer to its “physical” limits through the editing process, untitled void looks to a pure hands off, computer and random layered editing approach. By obscuring the original object, and using a recording of a render process, this piece enters a void space, and invites others in.


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