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Void setup ();

2022. Single-channel projection/animation. 01:03:56.

This video artwork is my attempt at a direct translation of ‘void’ theory into a visual form. This piece acts as the foundation in my research, as it is the best visualization of what ‘void’ might look like manifested as a visual abstraction. Just as the line “void setup ();” within a body code acts as first function, allowing for the following code to run, this piece sets up the base of all discussions of ‘void’ and ‘glitches’ within my practice. In an attempt to glitch my computer’s processing power and test its limits, this piece is the result of many hours of layering effects, exporting, applying more effects, and exporting once again. Through the repetitive process, I invited more opportunities for errors and computer glitches to occur. Rather than mimicking or manufacturing the glitches themselves, I look to create or foster environments and spaces where the unexpected can occur. Using a sound-to-image AI site, the audio was created using AI generated sound, and six video stills, taken in ten-minute increments from this video. The audio was then imported into the video timeline, and was layered with effects – just as what was done to the video layers above it.

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